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The Watch Dogs Watch Dog Analyzes False Claims Against Charif, Karl & Tony Kazal

Charif, Karl & Tony Kazal: ICAC Watch Update

Welcome to ICAC watch, the watchdogs’ watchdog. The ICAC of new South Wales has recently been exposed for years of wrongdoing to Charif Kazal and Australian World Trading. We invite you to read the complete story about how Charif was finally cleared from the injustice the ICAC inflicted on him. Read: Charif Kazals’s Innocence Confirmed By ICAC.

For those who are missing the background information on this case, this Eyewitness news video will explain the whole story and get you into the loop. These false claims had tremendous implications for Kazal business operations worldwide.

And finally, why is this case so important to our ICAC watch group? Well, Charif represents a very influential worldwide trading company (we have included a fill bio below). We are here to protect entrepreneurs in Australia and allow them to develop their businesses without being scared of unlawful corruption allegations. We strive for a free market in which our fellows do not have to feel like somebody is always breathing down their necks even when they did not do anything wrong. We fight to make sure that fabricated corruption charges will have no place in the Australian economy.

Australian World Trading is known for its excellence in identifying and implementing profit yielding global investments. According to our independent research, their clients are extremely satisfied with the business opportunities Australian World Trading provides them. For over 25 years they have been building relationships at the government and major industry levels allowing them to provide their clients with high end and rewarding business propositions.

Some of their solutions include:

  • International Trade

  • Property Investment

  • Introduction Services

  • Partner Searches

  • Market Visits

  • Business & Brand Development

Contact them today or visit their website for more information. Contact Charif, Tony or Karl Kazal:

Australian World Trading Pty Ltd 103 George St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia +61 (0) 2 9252 2566

About Charif Kazal

Charif Kazal represents Australian World Trading by managing relationships with key partners globally.

For over 25 years Charif Kazal has played an important role in supporting his family’s businesses in the Food & Beverage Retail market in The Rocks and Darling Harbour.

Charif Kazal has worked diligently in the past to promote Sydney and The Rocks to the world. He is a past president of The Rocks Chamber Of Commerce. He has worked in a range of political and economic platforms to help showcase Sydney and all it has to offer.

Charif Kazal’s experience in international consulting  has given him a unique perspective on consumer interests. He has been able to apply this knowledge to help improve Kazal family businesses in areas in which many have failed.

About Tony Kazal

Tony Kazal represents Australian World Tradingon the consulting end. He links investors and Developers with Governments and Commercial Landowners to deliver Residential & Commercial Construction projects, Retail developments, Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) Projects and other commercial opportunities. For over 20 years Tony Kazal has worked diligently to bring the economies of the Middle East and Australia together. He is responsible for a significant amount of economic development in Australia. Specifically, He has facilitated Australian State & Federal Trade Delegations to the Middle East and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Royal Family visits to Australia. Tony Kazal has only been instrumental in developing important trade links between the UAE and the broader western world.

About Karl Kazal

Karl Kazal of Austalian World Trading operates the consulting side of the business. For over 25 years he has provided international consulting designed to introduce Australian interests to the world. He also operates several retail businesses in Sydney. Karl Kazal has been a key figure in Australian and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government relationships. He has succeeded in bringing them together for bi-lateral economic discussions. As an Australian citizen and a middle east native he is able to identify opportunities in the middle east that are of interest to Australians.

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